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“The management unique ability to formulate a solid vision for the company that has set a successful growth path but without compromising on the humanitarian importance and yet maintaining quality and high degrees of professionalism.”

Shine Muhammed


As the Chairman of Al Jawahir Medical Supplies L.L.C, Mr. Shine Muhammed is responsible for running all the facets of the business. With an active 16 years of experience in the medical arena, he vitalized the very principle and philosophy on which the company exists today. It’s a deep understanding of his personal values mixed with prominent traits of ambition and passion that has led him to form Al Jawahir Medical Supplies. In an era of globalization, and existing in a very competitive market environment coupled with rapid technological advancements, the company under his guidance and perseverance has been able to innovate and provide a range of best quality medical products and services. As a visionary, he has been able to anticipate the future and design a robust set of strategies which has helped the company to combat change thereby steering it into profitable terrains.

Shine Muhammed


Paul Sunny

General Manager


Sales & Marketing Regional Manager

Jan Oort

Global Consultant-Projects Division

Jeelani Basha

Director Laboratory Diagnostics


Chief Financial Officer

Jai Prakash

Business Development Manager

Ludovic Fourez

Marketing Consultant