"One of the frequent arguments against investing in professional development is "What happens if I train my people and they leave?" A better question is "What happens if you don't train them and they stay ?"

Shine Muhammed

Managing Director

As the CEO of Al Jawahir Medical Supplies L.L.C, Mr. Shine Muhammed is responsible for running all the facets of the business. With an active 16 years of experience in the medical arena, he vitalized the very principle and philosophy on which the company exists today. It’s a deep understanding of his personal values mixed with prominent traits of ambition and passion that has led him to form Al Jawahir Medical Supplies.

In an era of globalization, and existing in a very competitive market environment coupled with rapid technological advancements, the company under his guidance and perseverance has been able to innovate and provide a range of best quality medical products and services. As a visionary, he has been able to anticipate the future and design a robust set of strategies which has helped the company to combat change thereby steering it into profitable terrains.

"“The management unique ability to formulate a solid vision for the company that has set a successful growth path but without compromising on the humanitarian importance and yet maintaining quality and high degrees of professionalism."

Our Team

The main success of Al Jawahir Medical Supplies L.L.C is the professional and committed team of employees who are relentlessly dedicated to providing the best of service to our clients. Every single member of our team carry the same vision of the management and have assimilated in themselves a work culture of professionalism keeping the core goal of delivering timely medical supplies. We believe that our team is the most valuable resource for our company and this attitude has aptly converted in outstanding performances from our valued staff. As a growing company, we value our employees as much as our customers and keep them at the heart of what we do and hence till date we have managed to deliver what our client requires. It’s our excellent sales and marketing team with a prompt customer service support that has represented us as a quality medical supplier in Dubai, UAE.

We as an innovative company always keep ourselves abreast with the latest technological developments and contribute our efforts to use the best of technologies in providing quality services. To enable this, we have an excellent IT team who try to put forth their best technical knowledge in creating state of the art technological implementations to assure the smooth operations of the company.