Get to know more about AJMS

We are a company which is built on high values, principles and a social commitment towards our society and humanity.

To become a respected brand name and be recognized as industries best provider of quality medical supplies at very affordable prices along with maintaining high deliverable standards.

We work towards providing a broad range of diversified medical supplies at reasonable prices with the primary focus on quality thereby allowing us to make a distinctive impact on our clients.

  • Honesty: Our Company is established with a strong foundation of honesty towards humanity.
  • Respect: We try to earn respect by primarily respecting others.
  • Excellence: We have a very strong commitment towards excellence and we strive to improve our work every single day.
  • Positive: We stay positive and enforce that feeling on our clients which is very essential for being successful.
  • On Time: Being in the medical supplies we understand the value of time and we work towards assuring timely supplies and maintaining swift communications with our clients.

About Us

Health care and medicine is a primary concern of any nation and top most priority towards humanity. Reaching safe and quality medical supplies is an essential task, and it requires absolute commitment and professionalism in executing it. With this in mind Al Jawahir Medical Supplies L.L.C was established in March 2014 as a medical supplies company in Dubai, U.A.E. The company is spearheaded by Mr. Shine Muhammed as the CEO who has 11 years of immense experience in the health sector.

One of the distinctive and defining aspects of AJMS is that we have specialized in medical products for a long time and hence we have been able to keep up our relationship with suppliers and industry experts. We have managed to provide the best medical consumables to our customers and also in maintaining reliable partners as providers; the company has grown to become a pioneer in medical supplies distribution services in the U.A.E.

Why We are

We are a company which is built on high values, principles and a social commitment towards our society and humanity at large. Providing medical supplies when it’s needed the most is of primary importance to us. Hence we maintain sufficient stock of the medical supplies in our company owned warehouse in Sharjah thereby assuring our clients with the best delivery times possible. It’s also our commitment to provide medical supplies at very affordable prices, and with our channeled credible partners we have been able to achieve it.

Commitment to customer satisfaction, society and a strong business philosophy of providing the best quality health care supplies are the core factors behind our success as we aspire to maintain the same in the coming years.

We are a UAE local company having both the DED and MOH license as required.