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Medical Consumables

From the world best of manufacturers.

Medical Consumables

We supply the best in the industry thereby offering a high value to doctors and medical professionals with features and reliability they need.

Laboratory Consumables

General laboratory consumables

Laboratory Consumables

We can provide you an impressive range of laboratory consumables, so if you plan to stock up or replace your supplies we have all that you require.

Dental Consumables

High end quality instruments for Dental practicing.

Dental Consumables

It’s our endeavor to provide safe and certified Dental consumables thereby assuring you professional confidence by supplying world class merchandise which meets international standards.

Radiology Consumables

Comprehensive range of consumable products

Radiology Consumables

We have a long-standing partnership with some of the best global market leaders to provide you with equipment's updated with the latest technology

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Who We Are

Health care and medicine is a primary concern of any nation and top most priority towards humanity. Reaching safe and quality medical supplies is an essential task, and it requires absolute commitment and professionalism in executing it. With this in mind Al Jawahir Medical Supplies L.L.C was established in March 2014 as a medical supplies company in Dubai, U.A.E.

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What We Think

One of the distinctive and defining aspects of AJMS is that we have specialized in medical products for a long time and hence we have been able to keep up our relationship with suppliers and industry experts. We have managed to provide the best medical consumables to our customers and also in maintaining reliable partners as providers; the company has grown to become a pioneer in medical supplies distribution services in the U.A.E.

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Year of Zayed

"The real wealth is hard work that benefits the person and the community. It is immortal and eternal, and forms the value of the human and the nation"

by The Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
Lab automation system

HENs is a lab automation system automatically provides medical technicians with essential items required for a phlebotomy.

by Energium
SOL CARE Safety Syringes
SOL Millennium

SOL-CARE® Safety syringes are high-quality, manually retractable safety syringes. With Needle retraction and reuse prevention functions, they significantly decrease the risk of needlestick injury

by SOL Millennium